For The Sake Of Vicious

Romina, an overworked nurse, and single mother returns home from her late shift on Halloween night to find Chris, a forlorn maniac, hiding out with Alan, a bruised and beaten hostage within her home. Her home becomes the stage for Chris to enact brutal justice up Alan whom he blames for an alleged act of horrendous inexcusable violence against a close family member. Romina finds herself plunged into a personal hell as she struggles to side with either party. The worst is yet to come. An unexpected wave of violent intruders descend upon the neighborhood and lay siege to her home. The trio soon realizes the only way out of the situation is to become as violent and vicious as everyone else.


Gabriel Carrer
Reese Eveneshen




Federgreen Entertainment
Latefox Pictures


Gabriel Carrer
Reese Eveneshen


Gabriel Carrer
Reese Eveneshen
Avi Federgreen


Lora Burk
Nick Smyth
Colin Paradine
James Fler

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